-Why the cabinet doors are out-of-level?

1. Adjust the hinge to solve this problem
2. Check if the cabinet is placed horizontally

-Do you supply kitchen accessories and appliances together with kitchen cabinet?

Yes, we do. We also have our own brand as well as imported accessories and appliances

-I want to buy kitchen cabinet, what is process?

The first step is preparing your kitchen layout and telling us your requirements. Our sales will guide you in the rest steps .

-Is it possible to buy your products for our own house?

Yes, there is no MOQ since we not only focus on larger projects, but home users. 

-It is my first time to import from China, what should I do?

Please do not worry, we will recommend professional forwarder to help you arrange shipment.

-Why the drawer slide can not work smoothly?

Check if the drawer slides did not install in same level, both height and depth.

-What brand of hardware does OPPEIN use?

We use high quality hardware brand, such as Blum of Austria and Hettich of Germany. More details about OPPEIN globle partners.

-Can you send your price list?

We would like to give an idea about price for your reference, please send us your floor plan to get a custom price. 

-There is no hinge hole.

Ask the local installer to drill the hinge hole with 3.5 cm tapper. 

-What is your product range?

We supply customized kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,vanity,interior door and other intieror home furniture.

-How to do if the top has crack?

1. Check if there is something under the top, adjust the level of the base cabinet to keep the top under an uniform force.
2. If slightly crack, fill it with glue and polish; Take a leftover countertop to paste under the top in case of further crack. 

-How to clear the blots on countertop?

Use grinding slice to clean carefully

-Should I pay for your design?

We do not charge for design,  but should be paid before design as down payment, it will be used as deposit.
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