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White Modern Design China Made Wooden Book Case

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A bookcase not only stores books, its shelves can be used to display picture frames and decorative objects, as well as storage baskets and magazine files. Here are some tips to consider before you buy your bookcase

Decide Where To Put The Bookcase

Think about where you want the bookcase to go. If it's going to fit into an alcove, measure the width, taking into consideration skirting boards and radiator pipes.

If the items on the bookcase will be used frequently, as in a home office, make sure there's plenty of room in front of the shelves so that everything can be reached easily.

Make the most of wasted space under stairs and in hallways with a waist-height bookcase.  
Open-shelved bookcases can also act as room dividers in dual-purpose spaces, zoning off different areas.

What Will You Be Putting In Them?

Think about what you will be stored on the bookcase so you can determine how many shelves you need.

If it's just books you'll be storing, count the number of books before you buy the bookcase and measure the tallest so you have enough shelf height.

Consider buying a bookcase with adjustable shelving to acceptable books of various sizes.  
If you will be displaying picture frames, vases and storage baskets too, again think about the shelf height and dept.

Fitted Bookcases

Bespoke bookcases can be designed to suit your needs and space. They can extend all the way to the ceiling and can make the most of awkward spaces like corners and sloping ceilings. However, fitted bookcases are a costly option and will often need to be designed And fitted by an expert.

Opt for doors on the bookcase if you need to protect books and items from dust and moisture. 
There are plenty of options for both traditional or modern homes. For a classic look, go for bookcases with plinths and decorative edges. Modern homes will suit more sleek, streamlined shelving.

Freestanding Bookcases

Freestanding bookcases are a more versatile option than fitted bookcases, and can be taken with you when you move house.

For a modern feel, choose a sleek bookcase with metal legs or glass shelving. Patterned or brightly coloured bookcases will also create a striking feature.

Other Features To Consider

Think about fitting lights to the top or inside the bookcase to illuminate the shelves and create an interesting feature.

Consider wallpapering the inside of the bookcase for a unique look.