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L-shaped mahogany finish kitchen M206

Product Code: M206
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Each veneer sheet is unique. So there is little chance of repetition as no two trees in the world are identical. The range of choice is truly mind boggling.


Wood veneers are generally non-toxic. There are some adhesives and substrates that do not use formaldehyde base, which may have harmful effects on the health. If such a glue is used to stick the thin layers of wooden sheets to form veneers, it will be absolutely medically and environmentally safe.

Handling and loading and unloading must comply with the following provisions:

(1) handling should be light light, it is strictly prohibited and roll and vertical pieces must be on the back edge first.

(2) stone plank single block area of more than 0.25 m2, upright handling. Lifting tool for products in handling, the force must padding edge.

(3) wooden case packing products, with the hoisting equipment when loading and unloading

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