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Asssembled pvc glossy and wooden veneer color kitchen cabinets

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Asssembled pvc glossy and wooden veneer color kitchen cabinets

Color is blum PVC

Professional custom services. Beautiful, high-quality products. An extensive range of styles. Discover the difference and how we can help you beautifully express your vision of the perfect kitchen.

With the light green lacquer and the wood floor, at first sight, this kitchen gives a feeling of conciseness. Also, with a single-wall layout and an island in the middle, this kitchen leaves an impression of great space.It is not a way to cook your meal here, but a way to enjoy yourself and enjoy your life.

Compared with other small one-wall countertop, this long single-wall countertop makes the cookers feel like at ease. Cooking is no more an annoying thing for some people but a pleasing thing.

Unique countertop

White quartz countertop for an island is a good choice, cuz its surface is scratch-resistant and nearly maintenance-free. Besides, what is unique is that there is a u-shape platform in the countertop.

Visual Interest

With this decorative shelf, it makes more room for you to put your utensils here, and it is also very convenient to take what you need from it. More than a place to put your goods here, it is a way to have yourself wandering at a utensil show.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinet with PVC Finish
According to E1 environmental protection standard
Classical Series
Kitchen Cabinet Countertop:
1) Quartz Stone (WTY137)
2) Edge: Straight Edge 38 (S-Z38)
3) Thickness(mm): 40
4) Matched Material: Can be matched with Caesarstone, Silestone,Italy quartz stone, German quartz stone and quartz stone.

38mm or 60mm thick countertop is underlaid by aluminum transverse;Standard aluminum transverse thickness is 26mm or 48mm;Countertop of other thickness is underlaid by quartzstone block; Silestone countertop has no aluminum transverse.